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modified__lie's Journal

wicked kaycie the destroyer.
29 August
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Thirty one. Single! New York. Female. Virgo. Two tattoos && three piercings. Metalhead. Horrorcore. Hopeless romantic.

Psychopathic Records. Dark Half (Cultshit! RIP Geno). Horror movies. Glowsticks. Blacklights. Piercings. Tattoos. Concerts. Anime. Shampoo. Green tea. Sushi. Japan. Sailor Moon. Unico. Hello Kitty. Charmmy Kitty. Keroppi. ♥Chococat!♥ Tokyo Mew Mew. Candles. Incense. Cuddling. Kissing. Old school 80's cartoons. Bandanas. Beta fish. Jagermeister. Hpno & Hennessey. Vanilla rum. Jack Daniels. Evan Williams whiskey. Marijuana. Getting high. Bongs. Bowls. Headshops. Purple haze, apple & watermelon blunt wraps. New York City. Harry Potter. Brandon Lee. Invader Zim. Pocky! Caramel. My Little Pony. Rainbow Brite.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Liars. Hypocrites. Elitists. Spelling errors. Kids who think they're "hXc" & cool because of the clothes they wear and what music they listen to. The kids who try too hard to dress & be "different." Peppers. Pineapples.

[Lmao I had to leave this. ^ It's hilarious, I was so dumb back then. xD ]

E-mail address: pinkglowstix@rainbowbrite.org

40 below summer, a static lullaby, adema, afi, alaska highway, anime, anybody killa, aqua teen hunger force, atreyu, backstreet boys, bandanas, being drunk, betta fish, bile, blaze ya dead homie, blood && gore, blunts, bongs, boobs, brandon lee, bruderschaft, candles, chamber of secrets, coal chamber, codeseven, coheed and cambria, cold, crazytown, criss angel, dane cook, dark lotus, deadstar assembly, deadsy, dexter freebish, diagon alley, dick, dimmu borgir, dobby, draco malfoy, dumbledore, e-town concrete, fall out boy, finding nemo, flogging molly, friday the 13th, from autumn to ashes, gackt, gas masks, getting high, ginny weasley, gizmachi, glass bowls, goblet of fire, green tea, gryffindor, half blood prince, hanson, hardy boyz, harry potter, hatebreed, hello kitty, hentai, hermione granger, hogwarts, hoodies, horror movies, house of 1000 corpses, hufflepuff, ill niño, in flames, insane clown posse, invader zim, jack off jill, jagermeister, japan, jason voorhees, jeff hardy, john shaw, john waters, judas priest, killswitch engage, kittie, kmfdm, kottonmouth kings, lacuna coil, lamb of god, lifer, linkin park, liquor, lollipop lust kill, malice mizer, marijuana, marilyn manson, matt hardy, mindless self indulgence, mortal kombat, most precious blood, no assembly required, nonpoint, norma jean, orgy, panic! at the disco, pantera, pink flamingos, pocky, poison the well, prisoner of azkaban, ravenclaw, remembering never, reveille, rob zombie, ron weasley, sailor moon, sex, shadows fall, sheri moon zombie, silverchair, slytherin, snape, society 1, sorcerers stone, sparta, sushi, sw1tched, sworn enemy, tech n9ne, the crow, the devils rejects, the left rights, therion, tokyo mew mew, tool, twiztid, unico, v for vendetta, viktor krum, white zombie, wumpscut, wwe, zeromancer, zug izland